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Medical Malpractice Cases and Settlements

At the Bartlett Law Offices, P.C., our legal team is dedicated to standing up for the rights of individuals and families that have suffered injuries and losses due to medical mistakes and malpractice. Below are some cases and settlements that we have handled over the course of our years of practice. To learn more about how our firm can help you, contact a medical malpractice attorney at our office today.

  • $1,103,500 settlement for a head-on motor vehicle collision resulting in client requiring a cervical fusion.

  • 5.5 million-dollar settlement for a driver that was paralyzed from the neck down after
    being rear-ended.

  • One million-dollar settlement during jury selection for an estate of a pedestrian
    struck and killed.

  • $275,000.00 mediated settlement for a driver on I-95 that lost control of his vehicle
    when the defendant suddenly turned into his lane of travel. No contact between the
    vehicles occurred.

  • $250,000.00 insurance policy paid for a 16-year-old minor struck while crossing a street in Waterbury at night.

  • $300,000.00 for a contractor who was spraying formaldehyde foam and fell through a roof, sustaining a compression fracture to his lumbar spine.

  • $950,000 against an OB/GYN for causing a brachial plexus nerve injury during birth of child, resulting in a 50% disability of an arm. The allegation was that the physician asserted excessive force on the infant’s upper extremity while attempting to free head from birth canal, instead of breaking the infant’s clavicle.

  • $ 5.25 million settlement against hospital for failing to perform an emergency caesarean section during birth of child, despite fetal strips indicating increasingly pronounced fetal decelerations. Infant was born with profound cognitive deficits and will require extensive medical and nursing care over course of his lifetime.

  • $ 4.5 million settlement against neurosurgeon. Claim was that the laminectomy neck surgery was performed by physician at the wrong cervical level and that the patient was improperly post-operatively maintained on steroids. Patient subsequently experienced steroid collapse and quadriplegia.

  • $ 450,000 verdict against physician for performing a medically inappropriately vaginal exam when his 37 year old patient was complaining of flu-like symptoms.

  • $ 950,000 settlement for failing to diagnose colon cancer in a 37 male patient. Patient presented to physician on 2 separate office visits informing physician that he was experiencing rectal bleeding. On one occasion, physician performed a cursory rectal exam but did not follow-up with either a sigmoidscope or a colonoscopy. Physician told patient that the rectal bleeding was simply due to hemorrhoids.

  • Structured settlement with present value of $500,000 where client developed severe cardiac endocarditis, requiring implantation of a Bork-Shiley prosthesis to replace one of the damaged heart valves. Patient had his spleen removed 12 years earlier because of a motorcycle accident, placing him at risk for developing endocarditis. Even though physician’s own medical history indicated this history of his spleen being removed, he failed to offer patient the option of a vaccine which was found to be effective in preventing such cardiac infections. Physician admitted in deposition that other patients in his practice had been administered this Merck vaccine.

  • $1.4 million settlement against a hospital for the wrongful death of a 14 year old child, alleging that nurses failed to timely administer prescribed medications. Patient subsequently died of septicemia.

  • $ 1.5 million settlement against neurosurgeon who failed to appreciate an abnormal PTT (bleeding time) test before embarking on an interventional neuro-radiological surgery at the back of patient’s brain. This surgery by physician involved inserting platinum coils to stabilize an embolism at the back of the brain. During surgery, coils became stuck in the embolis, complicating their removal. Patient, who had minor stroke symptoms prior to this surgery, subsequently developed a partial paralysis of left side.

  • $ 3.660,000.00 settlement of class action lawsuit brought against Nationwide and Progressive insurance companies for engaging in a illegal settlement practice. Specifically, individuals injured by people insured by these two insurance companies had their claim representatives negotiate a final settlement of their personal injury claim within fifteen (15) days of the accident date. Connecticut law Sec, 52-572a expressly voids any release for personal injury if signed within 15 days of the tortuous act for the public policy  reason that sometimes personal injuries do not fully  appear within 15 days of the trauma. Approximately 1140 people were affected by this suit. Both companies were permanently enjoined from engaging in this settlement practice in Connecticut in the future. (Attorney Bartlett was co-class counsel for the 1140 members.)

  • $ 500,000.00 mediated settlement for a 19 year old female college student that while traveling in a college shuttle van was struck by a driver that crossed the double yellow line, resulting in a commuted fracture requiring surgery.

  • $ 325,000.00 mediated settlement for a 49 year old woman that was struck while walking in a crosswalk on her way to work. Client sustained a fracture to her coccyx and a fracture of her elbow.

  • $ 425,000.00 mediated settlement to an individual that sustained serious back injuries requiring surgery when a utility installed a wire below height required by PUC state code. The wire became stuck on the roof of client’s box truck. Client was seriously injured when wire suddenly released, knocking client off the roof of his truck.

  • $ 1.2 Million mediated settlement to the estate of a youngster who drowned. Claim was made against the owner of the facility that there was inadequate supervision and training of life guards.

  • $ 215,500.00 mediated settlement for an individual who at the time of the injury was an employee of a utility company. Client was struck by a vehicle as he was directing traffic as a wire was being installed, sustaining back and shoulder injuries.

  • $ 1.250 million settlement in cross-over collision in Danbury, Connecticut.
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